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“Your hair was a mess but you would dance on the coast.” “You’re looking miserable, do you wanna get out?” those keep popping in my head. Then  it becomes “Your hair was a mess, do you wanna get out?”.  I can’t help but repeat those lyrics from a This Providence’s song “Sand In Your Shoes”.

Because when I woke up this morning, I said to myself “I wish I wasn’t so messy”.  The word “mess” obsessed me from this moment.  Then came the lyrics. I finally listened to the song, but when I came back at home, it kept popping in my head…

In this post I also wanted to put the poem I’ve written in both english and french.

“Spring filled with sunlight

Its light lands slowly on the grains of my skin.

By getting blind of your pure brightness

You stretch my cheeks for them to form a smile

My hand rises to protect me from this dazzling hapiness that you donate me …

But I haven’t finished to breathe

I haven’t finished to fill my lungs of your enlivening fragrance.”

“Printemps ensoleillé

dont la lumière se pose doucement sur les grains de ma peau

En me rendant aveugle de ta pure clarté

Tu étires mes joues pour qu’elles forment un sourire

Ma main s’élève pour me protéger de ce bonheur éclatant dont tu me fais don….

Mais je n’ai pas fini de respirer

Je n’ai pas fini de gonfler mes poumons de ton odeur vivifiante.”


I almost forgot to say that I can’t wait to be in September to study japanese. I really can’t wait.


“I Need A Man To Love”  – Janis Joplin

A 3 year old career I believe and we still think about her 50 years later.

Wasn’t she amazing?

That was surely a fantastic time. Full of dream, freedom. It was the time of youth.  I was discussing with my friend the other day and he said me he thinks our time is just not done for us… Sometimes I just think it’s more and more depressing…

Actually if we look at it closely, this is not a stupid thought.  Our population gets older and we all live worse than before, since 73 we’ve all been in a tough time.  Except for Asia (Japan excluded)….

I also know hapiness doesn’t necessarily depends on the century we live in. But it kinda helps doesn’t it?


Hi! Hi to myself I guess, because no one is reading for now… I have no idea why I write in english though. I think I’d be more comfortable if I was writing in french but anyway…

Let’s start from the beginning. I’m Anne-So. A girl full of dreams, passionate, stay-at-home, frank, not the kind of person that socialize a lot, although I wish to. My friends say that I’m funny. I try to be kind toward others and I find myself not interesting enough sometimes. I’m very shy when I meet new persons. I’m 18. I have a little brother.

My first passion is reading. I was 11 then and my mother who was usually reading for me before sleeping suddenly stopped because she thought I should grow up and do it myself. I was bored and I was often complaining about that so she kept repeating me “go to the library and take a book”. I’m forever thankful for that. I finally went to the library and then I took a book. I remember the cover, but not the title neither the author’s name. It was a fantasy story and a classic of the english literature. Everytime I discover a new passion, it’s like I take a slap in my face and that’s what happened. The most striking books I ever read since then are: His Dark Materials, Eragon by Christopher Paolini, Tales Of The Otori (my favorite book) by Lian Hearn and Nought & Crosses by Malorie Blackman.

2NE1’s Dara in a hanbok.

My second passion is Asia. There is this childhood friend who is asian that I met 10 years ago when my mother was pregnant and when we came live there. I was often at her home, playing and listening to her parents speaking vietnamnese. Sometime I was eating some vietnamnese food with her brother, and I thought it was sooo weird but good. It remained on my mind and I think it influenced me.  One day, I was 12, I was watching TV and there was a programm TV about South Korea. The only thing I remember is that at the end of the docummentary, they were explaining that in  South Korea there are noodle dispensers. But things suddenly fell into place and my passion for asia started. My passion for japan in particular started when i read the book Tales Of The Otori.


Ling Tosite Sigure.

My 3rd & 4th passions are music and cinema. I can’t live without music and rock is a genre that can make me feel indescribable things. When I was younger I wanted to be an actress. I have had 6 years of theatre and proudly got my national exam with 18 out of 20. Now I gave up on this dream but recently I’m thinking more and more about it…

So that’s it. Welcome to my world. Bienvenue dans mon monde.